Monday, March 7, 2011

New month, new project

Well, March is here, and in a few days, I'm off for Spring Break. I'll be pretty busy, with a bathroom remodel, some downtime with my buds, and a new prop project too.

The DH-17, or Rebel Fleet Trooper Blaster is going to be done up next. By request from the good folks over on the Rebel Legion board, the process is as follows:

Step One: Make silicone mold of my converted Hasbro nerf gun.
Step Two: Cast a tooling resin from the new mold.
Step Three: Modify tooling resin casting with my own Sterling L2A3 Endcap and grip assembly. [Remember I use to sell the E-11 kits, back a few years ago, and still have my original E-11 built from all real parts to take molds off of]
Step Four: Chop up the Hasbro casting, stretching it in the proper places.
Step Five: Resculpt the trigger guard to be less dorky looking than the film version, but more robust than the original Sterling L2A3.
Step Six: Redesign the scope's clear front tip so that it can be cast in a clear resin, then glued on.
Step Seven: Make new silicone mold of the scope tip, and blaster.
Step Eight: Cast new version.

Thats going to basically be the process. Stay tuned!


  1. Are you going to sell the revised versions as kits? Also, do you have any more kits of the E-11 PVC kit?

  2. I hope so. Taking longer than it should. No time.