Tuesday, March 29, 2011

US military adopts 1911 as official side arm 100 years ago today.

Monday, March 7, 2011

New month, new project

Well, March is here, and in a few days, I'm off for Spring Break. I'll be pretty busy, with a bathroom remodel, some downtime with my buds, and a new prop project too.

The DH-17, or Rebel Fleet Trooper Blaster is going to be done up next. By request from the good folks over on the Rebel Legion board, the process is as follows:

Step One: Make silicone mold of my converted Hasbro nerf gun.
Step Two: Cast a tooling resin from the new mold.
Step Three: Modify tooling resin casting with my own Sterling L2A3 Endcap and grip assembly. [Remember I use to sell the E-11 kits, back a few years ago, and still have my original E-11 built from all real parts to take molds off of]
Step Four: Chop up the Hasbro casting, stretching it in the proper places.
Step Five: Resculpt the trigger guard to be less dorky looking than the film version, but more robust than the original Sterling L2A3.
Step Six: Redesign the scope's clear front tip so that it can be cast in a clear resin, then glued on.
Step Seven: Make new silicone mold of the scope tip, and blaster.
Step Eight: Cast new version.

Thats going to basically be the process. Stay tuned!