Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What a year it has been.

Well, I know I have not been updating the site, all that much since July of 2011. My little world has been busy with lots of life changes. I don't want to bore you with the details, so here are the highlights. I got divorced, moved 3 times, went on a fantastic trip to Alaska, got remarried, had a honeymoon, and moved her too! Crazy I know, but things are starting to smooth out for me. I have my shop where my vacuum form machine is, almost working again, I tested it this past weekend. I got some of my molds located, as they were in storage in several different places, and I hope to retrieve the last of them in the coming weeks. My studio space is a storage unit for the time being, so I can't really do much until that stuff is moved, and I hope to make progress on that over the coming weeks as well. My hopes are that I am back into full production in the studio by the first of the Year.

I thank everyone who has supported me during this time. I can hardly wait to be back in the studio making cool things. Stay tuned! As soon as I can I have several new items in the works, including a T-21 heavy blaster rifle kit, additional X-wing gear, and improved RFT helmets, improved Commando donut kits, and the return of the E-11 kits.